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Things are more important this year than they were the first. But the reason they give on the show is the age thing – Tommy is 22 and Jude is 16. My grandmother’s calling me up and saying, ‘why didn’t you tell me about the baby? ’ My dad calls me about some Laiken Parker girl with Ryan Seacrest, and I’m like, ‘Listen, man, I’m in Guatemala! ’ I hear about all these weird things, people read them and then tell me, and I don’t know what it is. But it doesn’t get in the way when you’re going out to see a movie, or sitting down to dinner at a restaurant? Fans are great, and if they’re fans of the show I really want to meet them.

Was it necessary that you be able to play the guitar and sing to win the role? The most different thing about this season is that all the stakes are raised and everything’s more dangerous. Obviously there’s a concern that putting the characters together too quickly will cause the show to fizzle. Photo Credit: The-N.com/Epitome Productions Property of Pop – do not repost without permission.

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get it through your head he dosent date anybody get it through your head, it says on both Tim and alexz's profiles on com that they are dating and love each other..who wrote that before needs to stop trying to spoil the perfect ending. they will prabley go to lunch but they are not toghter. We have the maestro on there, Wes Williams [who plays Darius]. Have you been approached about contributing to the show in that capacity? The best thing about being on our set is that it’s very musical.To be honest i think that alexz is dating Tim but they are definatley not married because you can't kiss someone that much even if it is on a TV show and not have a real relationship with that person it would be too hard to be honest who ever wrote this, Tim and alex are just co-workers they don't even hang out . I’ll give it 100 percent, but I just don’t think I’m very good at it. Music’s something personal for me, something that I enjoy, but it’s not really my passion anymore, not as much as it used to be. Tyler [Kyte], the guy who plays Spiederman in Jude’s back-up band, will play the guitar, and Alexz will sing, and I’ll come in on the guitar – or I’ll play bongos. And Kristopher [Turner], the Jamie character, plays the bass for real. Outside the set, most of the time I hang out with Kristopher. We went to Barcelona this year, and we go through a lot together. Have you brought your own sense of style to the character? When I walked in to audition for that character, I was wearing my leather motorcycle jacket and the jeans exactly like Tommy wears. ’ Then I want to know what’s happening in the next script and no one will tell me. Most people don’t know it, but this guy was one of the biggest rap stars in Canada’s history. They let me write some stuff, and they let me play a lot of guitar. But you know, they’ve got so many good people to do those things. There are all these instruments around, and a lot of the time we just sit around having big jam sessions. You and Tommy both have a thing for leather jackets.

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A blockbuster they own now is a blockbuster they don’t have to license later.

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I hardly recognized her…she had obviously been struck.” Penn was charged with inflicting “corporal injury and traumatic conditions” and battery on his wife, but Madonna later withdrew the complaints, and filed for divorce instead.

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click on the title of any post, it is a link to a separate page that shows all the comments.

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Westlake originally won by 21 votes, then the recount brought it down to only 4 votes.

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i Phone owners should note that you really need to be using at minimum an i Phone 5/5S to get these to work properly.

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We are not objects to have secret sex with, to discard and to laugh at on the radio or the gossip blogosphere.