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My longest spiritual wayside on the road to atheism was the faith of several women in my family, most notably my grandmother.While they practised and acknowledged some Christian traditions, they were primarily what one would call animists.And it took about five minutes exposure before I was deeply annoyed. It encompasses all sorts of different branches like Wicca, heathenism, neo-druidism, neo-shamanism, and others.Despite what they might claim, the origins of the neo-pagan movement is actually quite recent.It’s a dying ember of pre-Christian Irish culture, and while I don’t think I ever really believed in it, I respected it as part of my people’s history.It wasn’t until I came to America that I was exposed to the commercialised, bastarised, culture-grubbing version 9f my grandmother’s beliefs.

My journey from Christianity to atheism didn’t happen in a day.Many pagans worship the gods of ancient civilisations like Rome, Egypt, and the Celtic and Germanic tribes.You can go into any Barnes and Noble around and find shelves of books with ancient mystical practises, healing rituals, spells and incantations, and histories of the ancient pagans. Most of the pagans left little, if any record of their religious practises.But it was even less than that, hardly a religion at all.My grandmother simply acknowledged and ‘worshipped’ the land.

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For decades, the biologists have boldly proclaimed that, whereas we cannot observe today one type of creature evolving into a totally different type of creature, “Time is the hero of the plot. No one even bothers to ask what assumptions drive the conclusions.

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When you register with Perth dating on Elite Singles you'll first be asked to take a personality test so that we get a firm understanding of who you are and the sort of person you are looking for.

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Your ‘Date-Mate’ will also receive your name and email.