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A few of the artifacts have marine organisms (barnacles or bryozoa) attached.

Backhoe testing (in 19) on both sides of Highway 87 has shown that the Pleistocene Beaumont Formation lies less than 2 meters below the ground surface, overlain by sterile Holocene sand and clay representing swamp and marsh deposits. Although artifacts from essentially the entire known span of Texas prehistory are represented, the most striking aspect of this place are the extraordinary numbers of Paleoindian and Early Archaic projectile points that have been discovered here.

She examined sources of toolstone, degree of wear, resharpening, the spatial position of the artifact along the beach, ages of the artifacts based on typology, and functional classes of artifacts. In 2004, David Driver of Moore Archeological Consulting carried out a survey of a proposed wetlands area at Mc Faddin National Wildlife Refuge and excavated five backhoe trenches (1.0-1.7 m deep) on the inland side of the highway, finding no cultural material. This was an interfluvial area between the Trinity River valley to the southwest and the Sabine River valley to the northeast.

Since the 1991 conference, Paul Tanner has continued monitoring the site and has recorded, among other things, several more Clovis points from the beach. During the Pleistocene, or last ice age, so much water was sequestered in major continental ice sheets (like the Laurentide ice sheet in North America) and in alpine ice sheets rimming the earth’s mountain ranges, that global sea level was drastically lowered.

It should also be noted that this is just the latest lowering of Gulf sea level during the Pleistocene — there were earlier highstands and lowstands.

By 14,000 years ago, sea level was rising rapidly because of ice sheet melting.

The Deweyville terrace system that flanks these rivers continues onto the continental shelf, running under the waters of the Gulf. P., it had approached to about 40 km away; and by 2800 cal B. Another group of geologists insists that the beach ridges are really storm surge deposits, and document Late Holocene climatic intervals with increased storminess.

Uranium-thorium dating is used to fix the ages of coral reefs that were killed by postglacial sea level rise.In 1992, the Bureau of Economic Geology (UT Austin) sank a series of geologic cores along the coast, including three on or just offshore from Mc Faddin Beach.In 1994-96, Melanie Stright, an archeologist with the Minerals Management Service (US Dept.In the early 1980s, the establishment of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve facility at the Big Hill salt dome (inland from Mc Faddin Beach) led to construction of a brine disposal pipeline across the marsh, the beach, and out into the Gulf.Survey and backhoe trenching (1982-83) by Coastal Environments, Inc., in advance of this pipeline provided the first formal investigation of the geology immediately inland from the beach, and showed that the artifacts were not coming from this area.

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