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In summary, they are manly( ''ball-full'') because they sure know that every relationship has a CONTROL NOB, and the party who SENDS less has it. the party basically has the MUMU SWITCH of the other party and therefore can control the other party without as much as saying a word....a luk or a sound, wud suffice.

Women are aware of this potent power by design, they also know that the power lies with the guy from creation and wud do everything possible to STEAL(they do this either to test if the guy is truly what they make of him or just plainly acting IT or they just luv been in control) it from the guys......subtly, guys not-in-the-know, aint.

& 1b: Why are nice guys boring and Get friend zoned: NUGGET 2: HOW TO APPROACH LADIES( THE VERY BEST, YOU GOT TO HAVE STANDARDS NOW), GET THE NUMBER AND GET OUT( WITHIN 5MINS) Where to meet ladies( forget dating, make friends first) she cant friend zone some1 that friendzoned her from the start Tools needed b4 u go making lady friends witty/sassy/funny lines to use when meeting women2c: Things to avoid when meeting new ladies: Examples of Situations of meeting ladies And on da spot lines: witty/funny lines in meeting women : When to place that first most important call, for how long and what for: 2g: How to deal with Rejection( Should you be)DRILL NUGGET 3: SETTING UP THE FIRST OUTING And Subsequent ones.3a: Where to meet3b: what not to discuss3c: Dos and Donts3D: Always set her hairs on edge( anticipation, spontaneity, suspense)DRILL NUGGET 4: THE FIRST KISS( EITHER MAKES OR MAR YOU)4a: Get her into it4b: tease her: one step forward, two steps back DRILL NUGGET 5: Never Tell Her U luv Her! Cos just like this thread pointed out, women r illogical n for u to survive n get game in their web, u gas know the ropes of counter logic dealings!

NUGGET 6: GURLS DONT CHOOSE WHO THEY FALL IN LUV WITH (CASE study : all d beauties n d beasts in the world over) DRILL NUGGET 7: Who to Date and Who not to Date 7a: Bad Long Term Investment: No to close neighbors, don'tdate anyone related to a close friend, and DON'T DIP YOUR PEN IN THE COMPANY's INK [size=15pt]This is not one of those 10 tips to mounting or 50 ways of wooing ! Could u imagine the Op of that thread rightly saying women r illogical yet went ahead n gave logical ways of tackling illogical beings? Hahaha Guys we all @ a point in time or the other have made this mistake, but no Matter How far u go on d wrong lane, u can never get to yur destination .

The only ladies allowed in here r those who truly want their men to be better, just simply point them to this thread n skoot! © DONOK, got my aisle popped up, white paper strapped, Brush on left hand(illogical), paint bucket on d right, let words flow Dear heavens I prays! Not some time for fine word wine dum-dum ( Nah, not dah noun, dah object) This wud be arranged in Drill Nuggets numbered down till the last guy-soul gets the jerk.... ( If tupac can pray after inventing swear words in verses, so can I ) We begin by painting real life different dating senerios Den dere after, the hard knocks straight from d streets. © DON There came a Day, God made Man n placed him in charged of all he had created.

Oh mortals, How art thou but a forgetful baggage...muttered my mind Oops.! Yea just like Faculty, with ultra sound I see the babies in u n I'm about to take ur ignorant saddle and whoop y'all off ur oestrogen high horses, reformat memories , rewire minds..... Hang out ur ego bags gees, Cos balless guys shouldn't have an iota of that . God even brought all the animals to him to put a final touch to them by givin them names n so it was that whatsoever Adam called them, stuck to them till date. And so they dwelled joyfully, with Adam feeding d family from d shrubs, animals he kills n the likes.

Lower cadre Babes gifts ( those I want don't want me, those I want not, drool over me, what can I do but ship them in only @ night, do deeds with lights off , n ship them out 1st tin in d morn........ehmmm, Yes, we feel ur pains too....

His YSL T-shirt looks like one teleported tru time long lost.

Yet he exude the confidence of a man Sure of his steps, certain of his future n in absolute control of his destiny. Accustomed to the rhythmic sounds is d choir host in his stomach. That was two years ago until she came his way by the hands of a never sleeping star.....

Took her bag n went in search of her after d last one took to his heels. Went tru her Phone n called her Bestie to tell her to come pick up her bag n Phone @ a location, that was How it all began. But u can take the man outta the ghetto, u can't take the ghetto outta the man , he hit her at every slight argument, embarrasses her in public, cheats on her to her face yet she kept coming back...r married now....... We will deal with fear factors later DRILL NUGGET 1 Why Gurls like bad boys: Bad boys don't ''send''..... They don't kiss up to any lady, infact they get aggressive when she throws some controlling tantrums.

They don't mind embarrassing her in public just to get their point across.

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In Premium Economy and Economy, power ports are shared between seats.

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This statistic presents the percentage of adults in the United States who have used online dating sites as of July 2015, sorted by annual household income.

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Edit Before being married to her late husband John Ritter in the late 1999, she also had romantic love affairs with him as her boyfriend. After she lost her husband, she began writing her first book and it was published in 2010 under the title With Love and Laughter, John Ritter.

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Although, some long stay options require a shuttle bus transfer towards your terminal.

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Zina endured severe childhood illness and went blind, but possessed perfect pitch and easily memorized new songs so she taught Sofia folk songs.

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Make your chat with strangers extremely interesting!

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If there is a nameserver missing at root level, add the missing nameserver to your domain registrar.