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The long course of development which made this girl who at first seemed merely beautiful into a prematurely mature woman with very good judgment, infinite patience and forebearance, and a terrific sense of loyalty--and which made Junpei that bumbler into a person mature enough to understand her value, it's really something! I've been reading this manga for years and always "knew" it would be Aya, and now this? I've had a 10/10 on it since like the 8th volume, but I'm strongly considering dropping it to like an 8. But, I still can't believe it's not Aya, I'm seriously crying right now! as for Toujo and Manaka, i think it's better for them to be close friends, supporting each other. :) conclusion, definitely one of my all-time favorite manga~ final score : 10/10Like cecropiamoth, back in March, said: Nishino is clearly (and from early on) the most mature, best choice. She gave him up when it was the clearest path towards being together. ) I think I was even more than a little in love with all three by the end, but Tsukasa the most. Even when I was happy for Junpei & Tsukasa in 167, I was still blue from earlier.I can summarize it, but I could never have imagined or written it. But, that would be selfish of me, it's not Kawashima-sensei's fault she didn't cater to my preference. I found from very early on that this manga wasn't a story about predestination (junpei/aya) or sex appeal (junpei/satsuki) but about being concerned about the other party. I have been days since being sad everytime I think about it.But, you may be right.^ Ya always a nice option, but the story was set up to strongly for Aya/Nishino.Aya took it well for being rejected, but Nishino went above Aya for Manaka and if she gets rejected after getting together, it be sad = compared to current ending.I felt after reading this manga that the author was a master storyteller and a hell of a lot smarter than me. Except for a few occasions, Tsukasa really only did things for junpei's benefit. It was actually a story about the obstacles in the way of them eventually being together. Currently, Kawashita Mizuki is drawing (G) Edition, which is about as far removed from Ichigo, Kasukoi Limited or Ane Doki as you can get. A lot of manga I read through despite the lolicon fan service, and g edition is maxing my tolerance. I cried several times during the story, and copiously at the end.If you love stories, there's really no experience better than that. I'm not sure junpei & Aya were mature enough to be together, and Satsuki (imo) never had a chance. One reason I cried is that I'm an old retired guy, and it's difficult to read such stories of youth at this time in my life.I must say that right now I am ANGRY and I HATE THE ENDING! Overall I give this manga a 7/10 only because Satsuki was in it...was my favorite character, had best personality, she was just the best. If I knew for sure she had no chance I would of stopped reading a long time ago. Yes, I love Tsukasa as well, but it had to be Aya!! Even though I'm strongly pissed that it wasn't Aya, I've still gotta do it...10/10. It happen in her latter manga like Ane Doki, the most exciting moment came when manga is going to axed.db84x said: Actually Ichigo 100% in last phrase already decline and will be ax soon, but the author manage to salvage it.Actually to tell you the truth I loved the beginning he met Aya and everything and it was going smoothly but when he wouldn't confess to her and she wouldn't confess to him over so many chapters I knew it just wasn't going to happen but I WAS NOT UPSET AT ALL because my FAVORITE AND FIRST PICK WAS SATSUKI!!!! She wasn't complicated, she spoke her mind so there was no guessing involved..turned everything to positive basically. Nishino is not on the list because I didn't like her character....i I hate how the guys always don't want the girls who are devoted to them..girls who try so hard for the guy to love them and they confess to the guy so much...simply live for the guy basically..happiness is their happiness..NO..wants the average girl that leads to a boring relationship that I don't feel like reading. Anyway...since this manga left me frustrated all I can do is hope I get a Satsuki in the real world so I can put this yet another bad memory of guy characters who don't like girls who confess their love so much and want to be loved by the guy to the point they will do anything for him to notice them. I've been reading this manga for years and always "knew" it would be Aya, and now this? I've had a 10/10 on it since like the 8th volume, but I'm strongly considering dropping it to like an 8. But, I still can't believe it's not Aya, I'm seriously crying right now! It happen in her latter manga like Ane Doki, the most exciting moment came when manga is going to axed.

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I recall Nishino referring that both their dreams bring happiness to people. And, yes, I to though Amachi and Satsuki would hook up..apparently not.

But, to be fair, I've always found the "life after school" theme very interesting.

---------------------------------------- It was an uneven ride and I still hate the rather cliche feeling the series had, but the last 20 or so chapters where Junpei, Tsukasa, Aya, and the others moved on with their lives was pretty damn interesting.

But if i were to choose a manga to reread again, this would be one of them. I honestly thought It was over between them after chapter 164 .

The last volumn made me feel a lot better since it wasn't the cliche 1st love wins out.

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I keep my audio files tagged in windows media library. Album Arts(thumbnails) are not updated in the media library.

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Step 6 Select the Connection tab and check the Connect when this network is in range box.