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The key issue was the offence against the woman’s husband.

The rights of the woman herself were irrelevant along with whether intercourse was voluntary or forcible.

By: Renate Müller-Wollermann In ancient Egypt crimes are acts against other persons or the state.

Punishments are official, not private sanctions against persons who committed crimes.

Most legal texts are from the Ramesside period (Dynasties 18-20), which makes comparison with other times difficult. Crimes against the state, or better, the king, comprise treason, , and desertion.

Crimes against other human beings include killings, injuries, adultery and rape, robbery and theft.

Adultery is also a topic of narratives and especially of didactic literature; men are warned not to have intercourse with married women and one or both persons involved are threatened with death.

In sum, intercourse with a married woman was considered a crime regardless of whether the man was married or not.

A mummy head found in Thebes also shows that the man was struck dead with an instrument while lying down sleeping or unconscious.The penalty consists of paying double or triple the value of the object stolen to the harmed person, in addition to the stolen object.Theft of temple property is addressed in royal decrees and punished much harder.Despite the number of cases no punishment for murder is known, although the death penalty is likely.Mummies and skeletons provide some evidence for killings and even murder.

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"Do not be amazed that I said to you, You must be born again." What does it mean to be born again Christ is saying we have a physical body and a spiritual body.

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