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I was wondering how much that might be worth and how the heck do I get it on the plane?Agreed with what you said until 'He can’t remember my name so calls me darling or my beloved or all those over the top names that those cute little Nigerians use'.......i dont think its only those 'cute little nigerians' that try 2 pull one over on people, with crappy endearments.And like most folk doesn’t listen to a word I say, unless I mention how incredibly rich I am.Ahhh yes I remember one who called himself "Major whateverhisnamewas"...his profile said he'd joined the forces to look for excitemnt and adventure two years before....I remember thinking that he must be REALLY special to fly up through the ranks to "Major" in two years.So many sad stories of women not only taken for a lot of money, but also with broken hearts as well.

play them along you know its a scam, the more time they waste on you ,less people get scammed, i had one said she used to live in manchester i said they are renovating the white cathedral behind piccadilly train station she said its a beautiful building[ non mancs does not exist], i said i had a few houses etc, they asked for 1000 to treat her sick aunt i said i would send 10 grand, give them false details or simply wind em up Ffrin - she looks uncannily like Naomie Harris, even down to wearing similar clothes.

That can be greed for emotional fulfilment as well as for money: I remember a sad tale a few years' back in a women's magazine, some old dear pushing 70 and looking it, whose cruel family were trying to stop her selling her house to pay for her 26 year old Turkish waiter boyfriend having his mother's cancer treated. I don't find too many Nigerian Scammers here on POF. What I really don't understand though is why there are so many of them on the "strike a light"site.

She was absolutely convinced he loved her, even though she had been "badly let down" by her previous Turkish fiancé, who turned out to be an already-married wrongun. Us mere mortals would have to pay at least one month's full membership to send messages on there....they seem to be able to open profiles and send out dozens of messages only to have the profiles closed within hours....andthen open more.

Then there are the ones who import gold, silver and diamonds. I asked him what kind of cars he imported and he answered "big ones".

Best one I thought was the one who had a deeply religious profile......a profile pic of a bloke wearing a "Hooters" t-shirt.

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Yes, residence orders now favour fathers in almost 20 per cent of cases - up from 15.3 per cent in 1994-95.

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