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"The women on 'Sex and the City' went through so many guys they devalued sex," says Crystal, 22, an exotic dancer at Rick's Cabaret in midtown."I've seduced thousands of men, but my actual number of sex partners is one, maybe one and a half.But compared to the average New Yorker, they were right on target.According to Karyn Bosnak, who researched the topic for her novel "20 Times a Lady" - about a New Yorker who vows to have sex with a maximum of 20 men - the typical New York City woman's number is twice the national average."Women with higher numbers tend to be more educated, have more liberal views and higher self-esteem," she says.Not all women think having a high number is a good thing."Women in other parts of the country tend to get married much younger.It's not a big deal to be single in your 30s in New York," says Bosnak, "There's also the anonymity factor.

But those who choose to share may be curious to know how their numbers "line up" with others — and whether the amount of sex partners they've had would be considered ideal. To be specific, female respondents reported that they felt 7.5 was the ideal number, while men said that 7.6 was the ideal figure.

It’s rarely fun to learn of your new lover’s sexual history, but new research suggests that there may be an "ideal" number of past sexual partners in a potential mate that’s viewed as neither too low nor too high.

Researchers in England found that most singletons would prefer to date someone who had had three previous sexual partners.

There may be a reason for individuals to seek partners with low sexual experience.

A study released earlier this year found that women with more than two premarital sex partners faced higher divorce rates than those with less sexual experience.

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Fuel and electricity costs, for example, jumped 37.8 per cent to .7 million, while materials and consumables (diesel purchases) soared 48.6 per cent to .2 million.

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All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.

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By looking at the development of Chinese television dating shows, we can see how love and marriage changed from a ritualized system mired in the past to the liberated, Western-style version we see today.

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And I never wanted to wear a tie to work and sit in an office every day!