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(I take with a pinch of salt, these days, the Israeli woman’s oft-heard assertion that she likes English manners.

Most Israeli guys would have in the first date pub.

) And I can understand their bemusement: stick your very average – one whom an Israeli guy would not look at twice – in a London “Jew do,” and the males will think that all their Hanukkahs have come at once.

The empirical evidence, however, can be more than a little misleading.

But this fact can be sometimes interpreted as being “bossy”…

Israelis in general and Israeli women in particular can come across as “tough” or snobbish, but this is not really the case.

So, for the uninitiated, here are a few tips – of a “do as I say,” rather than “as I do,” nature – gleaned from my experiences dating Israeli women and, especially, to understand them. This is even truer of Israeli women than of the fairer [snort! You will have great dates after which they won’t answer/return your calls, and dire ones following which they will demand to know why you haven’t called. Take any criticism levelled at you, but (unless you are planning to dump them anyway) avoid the temptation to give any back. I recently went out with a Rebecca, who, on our second date, and without warning, saw fit to pat the (negligible) protuberance from my t-shirt. ” (you have a pot belly), she exclaimed, clearly delighted with herself, as if having discovered a new planet. She looked like she had just swallowed a Beit Hashita hot pepper whole. though she had absolutely no problem telling me that it was inappropriate to joke with her 5-year old daughter about locking her in the fridge (was it?

When she brought up the subject again, on the fourth date – evidently, neither my ‘corpulence’ nor Rebecca’s ‘frankness’ were deal breakers (40-something beggars, , can’t be choosers) – I was better prepared: I informed her that I like my breasts large (not true, incidentally), and enquired whether she might be willing to go under the knife for me. (Neither did Rebecca care for me asking her not to throw every scrap of food that she wanted to bin to Stuey and Dexxy instead, thus reducing her sorties to the garbage . )) If you feel that you are being used, that is because you probably . I once simultaneously dated a woman with an Afghani mother, and another with an Afghani ex-mother-in-law.

Israeli women are pretty real and "in your face" type – no fake smiles or such – what you see is what you get.If they like you – you will know it immediately, but if not – well, you will feel it as well…Click here for my Dating Jewish girls: Tips & Advice page.This page contains more in-depth info on the subject - tips on how to meet Jewish girls as well as advice for Jewish dating and relationships...Indeed, so high is the general standard of totty here that many people (or, at least, those who don’t know me that well!) cannot understand why I am still single, or not, at the very least, having a lot more fun than I am (but it’s sex with someone I love!

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The main thing they need is someone they can trust implicitly when their senses are giving them mixed signals.

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Former Wales manager Mark Hughes said: ‘I’m devastated.

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